Going to UK

Polish people massively began to emigrate in order to Britain in 2004, which was major to open labor market in order to citizens from the new member states of the European Union. Compatriots tend to be leaving mainly to industrial, but very often happens that they planned to stay for a few months, extended or never ends. The Poles live in the united kingdom permanently, do not want to go returning to a country where lack of prospects for the development and life on the worthy level. Therefore flourish on the islands associated with Polishness. Polish arise colleges, shops, bars, businesses, operate the churches where masses are celebrated in the vernacular. It is not surprising therefore which also need arise Polish newspapers in the UK. Of course the Poles who have emigrated, are willing to buy newspapers issued in the homeland, track events, information and problems relating to the country by which sewed the world. At the same time the actual paper was needed, which is the current reality of their life, their difficulties that they needed to face in the UK. At the same time every thing will be able to read in Shine. Of course , the most popular newspaper marketing departments enjoy. It was in the Fri. “notice England” Posts may buy and sell various products and services, literally every thing – starting on fridges and ending with cleansing cars. Prym among the most broadly read messages section leads Fri. “Work England”. We are able to find employers offer, but also you can post ad as a person seeking employment. The actual newspaper is extremely widely go through, which also allows you to determine the correctness of the creation – is needed immigrants.

Look: polska gazeta w Uk.


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